Enter Atlanteas!

Legends, mythical lands, ancient gods – all originate somewhere, somehow, somewhen.
Have mythical gods guided life since long before man? Is man merely a step by those gods toward a far differently evolved future?

After a millennium of peace can one man’s insanity plunge a nation into civil war? Can a nation centuries ahead of any other remain safely hidden from a less advanced world if it falls into chaos?

Addon Greis, Shan’na Anavan, and Nassiti Passur of Atlanteas have set in motion events to forever change humanity – or end it. Pieter Lo├ęke will risk everything to stop them, but at what costs? Are he and his protege Vyalkeus Kyy heroes or bringing about the foretold Second Priestess War?

Enter Atlanteas to discover the Histories of the Exodus …

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