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Forty years ago, inside my young and impressionable head, I had a story.
As a junior in high school during the Vietnam and the Cold Wars it seemed to me the world was crazy. I was being swept along in the current of time directed by whatever the leaders of the day decided or made the mistake of doing.
Like the rest of humanity I survived it.Then the needs of making a living took over my life. Then they took my time. Finally they seemed to take my sanity. I lived in a life of doubt, continually thinking I was not good enough. For all my efforts I never felt happy or complete.
One day in 2010 I was doing an online role play with a creative lady. We delved into a fantasy of being survivors of the end of the Atlantis Kingdom. Something inside me stirred. The role play went for almost two hours. It was the best detailed and fulfilling I had ever done.
It took two years to realize that scene had awakened a dream from forty years before; a dream I gave up to be “normal”, to have a career, a marriage, and a life. Within two more years, disabled to the point I could not work and thus retired, I decided to stop being normal.Forty years of learning, life experiences, and advances in the world made that original story for the 1970’s seem juvenile and trite. Yet it gave life to a yarn which had been maturing all that time.
In 2015 I began to outline, research, and develop the four-hundred year-long tale of one of the Rödd Cleric Families of Atlantis telling the last centuries of their three-thousand year old civilization. In order to fill in details of their past I did logic exercises to show why they had advanced, why they had chosen to hide from the rest of humanity, and why in those last centuries everything changed not only for them but for everything living on Earth.
What became six books took on a life of their own. The characters told their lives to my imagination. Book one grew so long it became two books, then six, taking me three years to write. Madman across the Water introduces the first part of their history, the shortest yet most pivotal period of time covered. It tells the experiences of the men and women who changed everything by changing the definition of what they determined it meant to have a soul, and therefore be alive.
Their tale reaches to our time and beyond. It also touches how we might look toward our own future – perhaps one we may yet share with the citizens of Atlanteas.
So, prepare to feel the hopes, dreams, loves, fear, losses, intimacy, excitement, and wonder of their life journeys along the paths the Rödd Clerics saw in the light of the Crystals of Time. Then decide for yourself what it means to be alive – what may be your purpose for having a life in the vastness of a cosmos reaching from the smallest quantum wave to the largest idea a mind can hold.
You are now part of the History of the Exodus.

Tom Ray

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