Madman across the Water

Madman Across The Water Cover

The world of 1801 had no idea a civilization ahead of even today’s technology and power had thrived for over a thousand years off the Atlantic coast of the Americas. 21 underground Dome cities were home to 75 million Atlanteans. As the Industrial Age replaced the Colonial Age, slavery was in its final decades of influence. A revolution is building in Atlanteas as well.

Atlantean scientists Addon Greis and Shan’na Anavan have opened a new chapter for humanity, finding the nature of the cosmos, opening a path to the stars within their generation. One final tool is needed, one possible when rogue Rödd Priestess Nassiti Passur comes into their lives. The trio become parents of a forbidden form of life, artificial intelligences able to directly connect with their human companions and understand human feelings and emotions.

Admiral Pieter Loéke spent his long career preventing evolution of AI,  stopping at nothing to prevent his long-time adversaries, the Rödd Cleric families, from allowing a social revolution to give AI freedom from control.

Vyalkeus Kyy, once a broken and victimized girl Loéke groomed to be his protege and feared Master Assassin of the Shadow Guard, must make choices which can cost her everything to protect her Master.

Will Pieter risk the heart of his civilization and the life of the woman he loves to maintain control, extracting vengeance to stop Shan’na, Nassiti, and Addon? 

Atlanteas has not seen a war in a thousand years. Will this become the civil war foretold hundreds of years before to the Rödd Priestesses?

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