Who Is Tom Ray?

Tom Ray, self-admitted nerd, was born and grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina. Physically hobbled by near-fatal burns at 5, he became fascinated by aviation, technology, and science, voraciously reading works of Wells, Verne, Clarke, and Heinlein.

By 14, he was flying model rockets, learning to program on IBM mainframes, and taking flying lessons. He began writing stories to amuse his friends, a humor column in his school newspaper, and initially majored in journalism at North Carolina State University. However, he found his forte and a steady income in engineering and technology.

After battling with depression much of his life, he took medical retirement in 2010. Soon after, his passion for creating science fiction and story-telling called. Experience in nuclear power, research centers and laboratories, and two decades in IT management allowed him to see first-hand the impacts of technology on society. He drew from that experience beginning research for the first six volumes for The Histories of the Exodus  series in 2013.

His first book, Madman Across the Water, is a deeper, darker version of a story he started in 1974. It delves into faith, hope, loss, morals, and manipulation to question traditional values in morality and what makes life. The Atlantean civilization confronts similar aspects of life in the present in an action-adventure means of messaging.

He spends most of his time writing, listening to genre-bending playlists to set the mood for the feelings of his work. You can often find him with the Raleigh PubWriters at Imurj Artists’ Café.

His creed is “Small things matter, they cause great things.”

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